Jun 12, 2015 • Personal

Team Ashlee H

Ashlee and Nathan met when Ashlee was visiting a good friend, Kedar, in college up at Case Western Reserve University. Like any other college night, they were hanging out and playing beer pong when she needed a partner. "Seeing this handsome guy across the room, I asked Nathan if he wanted to be my partner". Little did he know that she was absolutely awful at that game! During the game they talked, became friends, and laughed at her horrible beer pong skills. Three years later, Nathan came down to Columbus to visit Kedar as there were also very good friends. Again, the friends got together and hung out and the sparks began to fly!

Ashlee was asked to share three things she loves about Nathan (we were sharing stories during the entire shoot). The catch...she couldn't tell him what she shared. So he will be reading this for the first time! Her response....

First- His caring and compassionate heart. She mentioned that he is always thinking of others and always offering to help others. "He honestly is the sweetest man I've ever met". Secondly- His patience. No matter what the situation is he always remains cool, calm and collected. She states that most people struggle with this but it just comes so naturally with Nathan. Lastly- his ability to love me unconditionally. Through the thick and thin he is always right by my side. "On my worst days he always makes me feel so loved and cared for"!

Nathan was also asked to describe three things he loved about Ashlee. Again, Ashlee didn't know what he was going to share till now. Nathan listed her SMILE as number one. He stated "Is there any explanation"? "It's infectious". Her smiling makes me smile regardless of what's going on. The second reason he mentioned was her strength. "Having to go through cancer twice before the age of 30 just plain sucks"! However, he is amazed by the strength she displays and her positvie attitude towards beating this once again. Lastly, he loves her personality. "I've never come across someone so full of energy and enthusiasm"! Nathan states that he considers himself a reserved, quiet person but "Being with Ashlee (and the social butterfly that she is) has made me come out of my shell and I'll forever be thanful for that".

I was thrilled when Ashlee asked me to capture her family. Soon she will start chemotherapy for a second time leading to her losing her beautiful blond hair. However, neither cancer, chemotherapy or any other obstacle could stop this beautiful FIGHTER!

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